Process Manufacturing

Manage recipe scalability, variable production output, and traceability with SYSPRO ERP

It’s clear that technology advances are transforming the process manufacturing industry. Even if you’re a small to medium-sized business, you need to find new ways to leverage data and process automation – or risk losing your competitive position in the global market. Furthermore, in process manufacturing, mistakes in design and production can be particularly expensive. Given that ingredients can’t be remixed, you need to make sure products are made to spec, or risk waste and inefficiency as well as delays in time to market.

Discover how SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) software can help, providing process manufacturers like you the right mix of business software applications to help you address these unique challenges, whether you’re making products in batch or configure-to-order mode. By connecting all of your divisions and teams, from R&D through production to accounting, SYSPRO can help you enforce quality control while improving operational efficiency and profitability.

SYSPRO ERP software for Manufacturing has been certified by the Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), an independent third-party analyst firm which helps private- and public-sector organizations choose the best enterprise software solutions for their unique business needs – quickly, impartially and cost-effectively.
Solve your process manufacturing challenges with SYSPRO ERP software

SYSPRO offers process manufacturers a comprehensive set of ERP applications to manage recipe scalability, variable production output and traceability, among other challenges. Here are a few examples.

SYSPRO’s Engineering Change Control (ECC) module enables you to streamline product design workflow, ensuring that new and redesigned products pass through relevant testing and approval processes before release. And, using ECC, you can control changes to product formulas with e-signatures and predefined user security, meeting industry compliance requirements.

SYSPRO’s Engineering Change Control, Bill of Materials, Work-in-Progress and Factory Documentation modules enable you to implement controls to ensure that your products are manufactured under consistent processes, to the correct formulas and specifications.

The work center, together with structures and routing facilities, enable you to define and maintain the elements required in a sequence of internal or subcontract manufacturing operations, as well as the structural relationships between parent and component parts.

Raw materials and manufactured products often vary in grade and quality, so for many industries, tracking and control are essential to reduce waste, scrap and defects. SYSPRO enables you to implement continuous improvement by revealing problems and points of waste as they happen.

SYSPRO’s Inventory Management functionality enables you to define multiple units of measure for stocked items. These units of measure, along with their conversion factors, can be used in various parts of the system to ensure accurate quantities for sales, purchasing and production.

For production purposes, SYSPRO’s multi-level Bill of Materials functionality enables you to define the manufacturing recipes and methods for bulk, intermediate and pack items.

SYSPRO facilitates the recording of traceability and quality data on materials and products from purchasing through inspection, manufacturing, stocking and sales.

SYSPRO’s Work in Progress inspection system gives you the tools to record the inspection details of manufactured products and, depending on the results, select to receipt, scrap or rework quantities. This enables you to accommodate variable end-products that can result from regrading and unpredictable chemical processes.

Synchronizing supply with customer demand is a key requirement to prevent costly line stoppages in manufacturing plants. SYSPRO ERP software helps your team to become more demand-driven with sophisticated forecasting tools.

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