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Minimize administration time and increase efficiencies in your warehouse

Automation is changing paradigms in traditional warehouse operations, starting in distribution centers across the global supply chain. To compete and make a profit, distributors are implementing robotics, modular conveyor systems and intelligent sorting systems. This investment in automation is of no use if your ERP can not keep up. SYSPRO ERP software for distribution management has proven technology including the Internet of Things (IoT) and a simplified user interface to help handle the increasing demand for warehouse automation.

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Efficiency and insights

To squeeze costs from your distribution business, you need a holistic view of how you process orders, procure materials, track inventory, handle shipping and logistics, and manage your finances. And, you need to automate every business process you can. Do you have the visibility and tools you need to improve the management of your wholesale or distribution business?

SYSPRO understands the complexities of distribution management, with decades of experience helping both small businesses and large enterprises move faster, reduce costs and foster growth. With SYSPRO ERP, you can connect all of your divisions, locations and operations, with applications that enable you to operate with lightning speed and lower costs. Learn more today.

ERP supports effective Distribution Management

Reach more customers and improve loyalty

Do your customers have complete visibility into your catalog and the status of their orders, 24/7? Give it to them with SYSPRO’s secure,  integrated e-commerce and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities. These tools also help you process high volumes without an avalanche of paperwork.

Use the same applications to streamline communication with your trading partners, too. For custom orders, SYSPRO also offers Web-based collaboration tools that simplify development.

Deliver faster with fewer errors

Taking orders electronically and processing them through workflow automation helps you move products more quickly and reduces the possibility of errors. Advanced planning tools automatically set your labor schedule and track warehouse performance so you can eliminate redundancies.

Distributors also use SYSPRO to automate the creation of Bills of Materials and product kitting. And SYSPRO’s lot and ingredient traceability – with barcoding and serial tracking – means you always know where everything is located, anywhere in transit.

Optimize inventory and reduce costs

What happens if demand spikes or drops for a certain product line? Does your purchasing respond to seasonality and other market changes? SYSPRO ERP for distribution management provides reliable, accurate forecasts so you can manage your supply chain and become more demand-driven, instead of keeping too much inventory on the shelf.

In addition, through workflow automation, SYSPRO ERP software helps distributors create a “smart warehouse” where demand drives the movement of goods, so you can reduce fulfillment costs. Our container tracking application can also help you cut transportation costs.

Improve strategic and financial planning

Can your current tools accurately predict future sales and identify the products that contribute the most to your business in terms of sales value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantity sold or fast movers?

Turn your financial data into actionable insights with our executive dashboards, in a highly visual format customized to meet your needs. Measure and monitor your business performance and conduct what-if modeling with real-time data.

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Business critical SYSPRO ERP distribution solutions

Inventory Management gives you more control over your inventory by providing greater accuracy and visibility to inventory information throughout the organization. It forms the core of the manufacturing, distribution and accounting facilities and is designed to integrate with all the major functions of the systems and to provide flexible reporting on inventory holdings.

Sales Orders simplifies order taking and management and the fulfillment of customer orders. It automates the sales order process and saves the time taken to key in orders, allowing the time to be reallocated to servicing customers. Customer account information can be accessed to streamline the ordering process, for status, credit limits, previous orders, and to confirm the customer’s billing address and shipping addresses.

Purchase Orders provides you with the functionality to simplify your Purchasing and Receiving processes while ensuring greater order accuracy. It also enables the monitoring of the incoming quality, stock accuracy, lead times and cost of purchases, while providing a comprehensive supplier performance  analysis.

Sales Analysis provides insight into sales activities to improve sales profitability and provide information for sales forecasting and planning on a number of levels. It also assists in determining the extent to which a sales force has met its sales objectives through the provision of analysis on how well salespeople and product groups are performing compared to budgets available.

Counter Sales facilitates efficient over-the-counter sales transactions, by enabling the receipt of payments and deposits at the point of transaction. Similar to a retailer that has a point-of-sale register, the counter sales process within SYSPRO will support walk-up cash, credit card and on-account sale transactions, and integrate the cash draw with end of day reconciliation.

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Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) – Africa

By automating many processes within the supply chain, MEDS has seen employee productivity increase by about 15%. It has also gained greater visibility of operations, increasing speed, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.


Lot Traceability

Industry-built to support your quality and safety systems, SYSPRO’s Lot Traceability module offers a full traceability system – helping you improve governance and drive compliance to minimize the effects of a recall.



Whether you are an organization with locations spread across the globe or a niche standalone operation, combining functionality and efficiency with the latest technological solution will transform your distribution and create limitless opportunities.

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