A Winning Partnership

PartnerUP is designed with winning in mind, providing you with all the resources you need to succeed through: Education, Proven Methodologies, Tools and Partner Management.

Benefits of the Program

If you’re an expert in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software industry and want opportunities to grow your business and extend that knowledge and experience to more clients, consider joining the SYSPRO PartnerUP Program.

We’re looking for Partners who share our passion for helping manufacturers and distributors simplify their complex operations through modern ERP software. And, who care about helping their customers realize significant – and lasting – gains in efficiency and revenue.

Unlike other programs, SYSPRO PartnerUP recognizes and rewards you – not only for sales success, but also for enhancing your knowledge and capabilities – thus helping you grow. PartnerUP and get rewarded.


Rewards for You to Win With SYSPRO ERP

Tiered earnings model that increases rewards based on achievement.


Exclusive Rights to Lead Ownership

With SYSPRO PartnerUP, if you register the lead first, you have exclusive rights to run with that opportunity. That means Direct Sales and other SYSPRO Partners can’t touch it!


98% Customer Retention Rate

The SYSPRO ERP PartnerUP program enjoys one of the highest partner and customer retention rates in the industry. Become a SYSPRO partner today.


Become One of the Team

When you join SYSPRO PartnerUP, you are an extension of the SYSPRO team. We believe our core values are at the heart of every member: Integrity; Winning Together; Growth Mindset; Authenticity; Results-Driven; and Passionate.


Low Customer Acquisition Costs with with access to Support and Implementation

Expect lower customer acquisition costs as we are happy to stand side by side and support your sales cycle. We give you access to industry experts, sales and presales support. We even prefer you to shadow us in your first couple of implementations.


Sales focused onboarding to enable you faster

When you join SYSPRO PartnerUP, we offer staged on-boarding so your investment is staged and caters for your needs.