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Simplified Order Management System with SYSPRO Software

Order management system (OMS) have been designed specifically to save manufacturers and distributors time in a significant part of the sales process: managing and fulfilling orders. These orders can come directly from end users or indirectly from OEMs, partners and other customers. Delivering the wrong items – or delivering them late – can mean huge headaches.

By incorporating a strong order management system as part of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, you can improve productivity and provide much more effective customer service. SYSPRO’s Order Management processes enable you to save time, cut costs while increasing quality and customer service.

Improve productivity with Order Management solutions from SYSPRO
This is the heart of the distribution offering from SYSPRO. The Sales Order Module enhances customer service by enabling fast, efficient order processing and accurate, timely order fulfillment. Maximize your team’s productivity utilizing our efficient grid-entry design and personalizing the screens to streamline and enhance your workflow according to your unique business rules. Through SYSPRO order management system, you can access customer account information to streamline the ordering process, with visibility into customer status, credit limits, previous orders, and to confirm the customer’s billing and shipping addresses. As customer orders are filled and completed, sales order information flows through the system so you can properly invoice and ship orders. In the event of stock shortages, stock can be replenished automatically by raising a purchase order, or creating a supply chain transfer from a supplying warehouse, or creating a job for made-in items. And with the pick, pack and ship features, your warehouse staff can identify the package each item is located in, print a packing list, and automate the update of carrier tracking numbers for your customer service personnel.

SYSPRO Mobile ERP provides a simple, effective way to improve sales order accuracy, efficiency and response times, thus creating a more professional and rewarding experience for your customers. Using the mobile app, salespeople can take orders from home, from the office and even in transit to a customer’s office. They can further check stock levels and locations, so they can provide accurate estimates in real time and place the order immediately.

This is an integral part of any organization’s distribution and manufacturing functions. SYSPRO Purchase Orders enables you to simplify your purchasing and receiving processes while ensuring greater order accuracy and adherence to the organization’s sourcing policies. Monitor the quality, accuracy, lead times and cost of purchases, while analyzing supplier performance. SYSPRO Purchase Orders can also maximize warehouse efficiencies by guiding receiving personnel to designated preferred stock put-away bins.

Suppliers often struggle with the time it takes to action a new release and the ability of management to examine the ramifications of any changes. The process is inherently difficult and error-prone, often resulting in the supplier incurring penalties for stopping the OEM’s assembly line. The supplier cannot verify in real time that OEMs are adhering to the contract, nor do they have time to establish their own capability of meeting the new requests. This results in missed delivery dates, emergency purchasing, and production control in a permanent state of expediting. SYSPRO’s Blanket Sales Orders and Releases system is designed to address these problems. It enables the easy capture or import of a new release and provides the necessary tools to manipulate the release and advise the customer of what has been accepted or changed, and why. It automatically updates existing scheduled orders, and provides an audit trail of deliveries so that disputes over quantities supplied to date can be resolved. It also enables various tasks to be subdivided so that the appropriate level of staff can be employed for each function.
SYSPRO's Supply Chain Portal is an interactive web platform that facilitates online transactions between an enterprise and its suppliers and customers. ​The Portal streamlines collaboration between buyers and suppliers and minimizes document handling – reducing potential fraud. It automates business processes and ensures transparency of supplier, and customer transactions. Ultimately, the Supply Chain Portal will help to increase operational efficiency and improve governance.​​
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Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) – Africa

By automating many processes within the supply chain, MEDS has seen employee productivity increase by about 15%. It has also gained greater visibility of operations, increasing speed, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.


Blanket Sales Orders and Releases

Blanket Sales Orders and Releases enables the easy capture or import of a new release and provides the tools to manipulate the release and advise on what has been accepted or changed, and why.


Supply Chain Portal

The Supply Chain Portal streamlines collaboration between buyers and suppliers by automating business processes and ensuring transparency of supplier and customer transactions. This minimizes document handling, reduces potential fraud, increases operational efficiency and improves governance.

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